Financial Services Lawyer

We are one of the best financial lawyers in Mumbai, with rich experience and expertise in offering legal financial solutions. Our experience spans across broad spectrum of financial industry encompassing: banking law, corporate finance, project finance, public finance, trade investment, securities,  debt or money recovery cases, mortgage suit, asset protection, suit for protection and more. Our experience in handing cases u/s1 138 Negotiable Instrument cases and finance service law is unparalleled.

Keeping pace with innovations in financial services

Our experienced team of legal advocates keeps abreast of the latest innovative financial products and changes in regulatory and legal framework.  We keep client’s commercial objectives at the core and handle valuable documentation with rigid timelines. We are adept in international financial regulations and therefore our solutions encompass broader perspective. Our solutions are a blend of technology, in-depth financial and legal knowledge and decades of experience in the field. We believe in total transparency and help our clients to make better, informed decisions.

Minimizing Risk, Optimizing Results

Our team of legal consultants and financial experts strategize and create robust framework for deals in a way that minimizes the risk exposure of our clients and optimize results for them. Our expertise in handling cases of distressed assets is unbeatable. Be it Debt/Money recovery case, securities or trade investment, we help our client make the most of it with our unique approach.

Keeping in line with the corporate law and standard financial practices, our lawyers derive unique solutions tailored to meet the specifications of each financial transaction and assist in matters of complex regulatory compliances with documentation and finalization process as well as with the negotiations.

Leading financial lawyer with deep understanding of complex and diverse financial industry 

We pride at being one of the few financial lawyers that offer comprehensive legal and financial services under a single window. We have successfully handled complex cases of financial restructuring in advisory capacity for our clients.  With our strong understanding of working of banking and finance sector, we are able to assist our clients in issues pertaining to policy analysis, both domestic and international and design viable, sustainable solutions that align with our client’s business objectives. We also advise banks and financial institutions on matters pertaining to Project Finance, Public Finance, Trade Investment and Securities.

Our expertise is in delivering Legal Solutions that ensure regulatory compliance and are in the best interest of our clients. Transparent, unique approach and ability to quickly deliver solutions give our clients a distinct edge.



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