Family Lawyer

Family matters can be touchy, tacky and often complex. Therefore, resolving these issues require expertise, patience and experience in handling family law matters. As one of the best family lawyers in Mumbai, we strive to bring about quick, smooth and amicable resolution of these issues.

Whether you want legal advice on civil and criminal legal services, alimony, domestic violence, separation, maintenance, child support and custody, our team of legal consultants will assist you and work to protect your interests. Our family lawyers also carry experience in negotiating and arriving at an amicable solution without lengthy court procedures. Be it divorce cases or dowry cases, our legal advocate will patiently understand your case and offer a customized solution that meets your exact needs. We are also experienced in handling adoption cases.

Our family lawyers are experienced in following areas:

Matrimonial services

Getting your marriage registered is now mandatory. We help our clients with documentations required for marriage certificate, assist clients where one of the partners is a foreign national. We also draft pre-nuptial agreement.  

For couples seeking divorce, either mutually or unilaterally, our legal advocate handle divorce proceedings, documentation and court representation as well as appeals thereof. We also handle counseling sessions prior to mutual separation and divorce. Also, we carry on all petition and ancillary work in cases of judicial separation, property rights, partition of property, domestic violence, child custody, dowry cases and more. 

Will, Estate planning and Probate: Our experienced team of lawyers help in preparation of will, codicils for clients in accordance to pertinent laws and assist in registration thereof.  We undertake drafting and registration of gift deeds, relinquishment deeds, partition deeds, family settlement cases and help clients in registering the same. We also represent both NRIs and Indian clients in various judicial courts for obtaining succession certificate, letters of administration and probate of will.


We undertake adoption international cases as well as domestic adoption process in line with CARA guidelines and personal law.

Surrogacy Contract

Our family lawyers are experienced in drafting and reviewing surrogacy contract between parents to be and surrogate mother. We also draft agreement on behalf of aspiring parents and center for egg donation in India. In addition to taking care of various legalities, we also handle financial terms arising out of such agreement.

If you are looking for best family lawyer in Mumbai that keeps your interests at the behest, is transparent in approach and keeps you informed at all stages, we are your best bet. We offer sincere advice and best course of action to your family dispute matters and strive to arrive at amicable, viable and timely solutions.

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