Discrimination Lawyer

Looking for Discrimination lawyer to fight your case and get you justice?

As one of the best discrimination lawyers in Mumbai, we assist employees who are fired on discriminatory grounds such as disability, colour, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, genetics and more… Often employees are deprived of their rights by employers and terminated. If you or someone you know are deprived of your rights as an employee, our legal team of consultants is there to help you. 

  • Discrimination based on race, genetics, sex, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and more
  • Retaliatory action because of raising safety concerns, wages, working hours, working conditions and more
  • Violation of safety rules, public policies etc
  • Refusing to participating in wrong doings by the organization
  • Refusing to be a party to fraudulent practices, financial malpractices, gross negligence 
  • Breach of employment contract by the employer 
  • Wrongful termination for any other reason

How Discrimination lawyer will help you?

If you believe you are victimized by your employer, you should seek help from a discrimination lawyer. As leading civil and criminal legal services, our legal advocate will review and understand your case, and will help in asserting your rights. Whether it is representing you at your organization and negotiate for your settlement or arrive at a deal on your severance package, we are there to assist you. We handle all the paperwork, collect documentary proof and present it in a way to strengthen your case. With our careful approach and well planned, well executed strategy, we try to reach an amicable solution for you with your organization and ensure that you get the best work compensation

Get your rightful Dues with expert assistance

If your employer is asking you to sign up a waiver agreement or waive all or some of your rights, you must seek expert assistance from discrimination lawyer. As one of the best discrimination lawyers in Mumbai, we help you understand your employee rights and employment benefits and ensure that you get optimal benefits out of the negotiation with your employer. We understand the mental trauma that you must be facing in losing your job. That’s why we try to make it absolutely hassle free by handling all the work for you.

We look into your case specifics and give you the best advice depending on the most likely outcome. In case you want to go in for litigation, we handle that too. In any case, we work with you keeping your best interests in mind.

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