Debt Collection Lawyer

We are one of the experienced and best debt collection lawyers in Mumbai that help in resolving debt related issues of debtors and creditors. Whether you are a creditor desperately seeking your loaned money or you are a debtor worried about paying your debt, we can help you!

As your debt collection lawyer, we represent your case, whether you are a debtor or a creditor. With our extensive experience and skilled team of legal consultants, we can plan and execute strategies for debt recovery or protect you from overbearing creditors. In either case, we handle all the paperwork and legal documentation for you.

We help creditors with Collections and recovery of their credits and mortgage dues

As your debt collection lawyer, we help you find the best course for debt recovery so that you get all your money back.  After understanding your debt collection woes, we suggest smart strategies designed within the legal rights of the creditors. This will not only ensure recovering your dues but also ensure that your debtor cannot raise objection to your debt collection approach. 

In case of dispute, we act as your intermediary for swift and efficient out of the court settlement keeping your best interests in mind.

Experts in handling insolvency and bankruptcy cases

If things didn’t go your way in business and you are struggling with bankruptcy or insolvency, we are ready to assist. Our legal advocates will handle all the documentation as well as registration of the same in the court for you. With our thoughtful, well planned strategies, we ensure that you have to undergo minimal stress with these procedures.

We help debtors take care of their rights in case of undue harassment by creditors

  • Your inability to repay mortgage or loan
  • Frequently calling you up at odd hours for debt collection
  • Unfair treatment by creditors/collectors
  • Threatening from creditors to drag you to court

If you are a distressed debtor, we can negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to reduce your repayment amount. We try to arrive at an amicable solution that is readily agreed by both the parties. We handle all the incidental and ancillary paperwork arising in case of mutual settlement, dispute or in court cases.

Experienced Civil and Criminal Legal Services

As one of the top notch civil and criminal legal services and debt collection lawyer we strive to help our clients with practical, viable and sustainable advice on debt collection issues.

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