Procedure For Court Marriage Certificate

Planning for court marriage in Mumbai?

Modern day couples find it ideal to opt for court marriage, instead of a traditional wedding ceremony. A court marriage is a simple affair however you must keep all documents required for court marriage ready for submission. At times, court marriage procedure in Mumbai can be overwhelming. That’s why you must turn to experienced and trusted lawyers to understand the documentation requirements and for a hassle free court marriage experience.

Marriages are made in heaven, Celebrated on Earth but need to be Sealed by the Courts…

Even if you have a traditional wedding ceremony and have tied the nuptial knot in front of priest, you need to get your marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 to give a legal stamp to your marriage… Getting your marriage registered is mandatory since 2012. Only Registered marriages are considered as legal…A marriage that is not registered is considered to be null and void in the eyes of law. Therefore, the first step to legalize your marriage is to get your marriage registered!

Often, people find the procedure for marriage certificate complicated. The best recourse is to visit reputed Advocate and hire their legal services.

Why Choose us?

Founded by Advocate Mayur Pandya in 1991, Court Marriage Mumbai is a leading legal service provider to help you with the court marriage procedure in Mumbai and procedure for marriage certificate so that you have a seamless experience…

Our team of lawyers are experienced in diverse fields and are adept with the documents requirements and civil and criminal matters. Our team will help you every step of the way right from guiding you with filling up of marriage registration form, documents required and assisting you with the process, so that you can get your marriage registered at the soonest!

Documents Required For Court Marriage

(1) Age proof
(Any 1 document from below)

  • Birth Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • College Leaving Certificate
  • Passport
  • School or college passing certificate showing DOB
  • Any other documents of college/school showing DOB

(2) Residential Proof:
(Any 1 from below)

  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Electricity bill on your name
  • Telephone Bill on your name
  • Election card
  • Bank passbook

(3) Photographs
& Witnesses

  • 4-4 passport size photographs of bride & Groom
  • 3 Common witnesses,
  • 2-2 photographs of witness
  • Anyone document of residential proof.

In case you’re marriage is already Solemnised, you need following additional documents:

  • Age proof & residential proof (As shown above)
  • Wedding card
  •  Signature of priest/Kazi who performed your marriage (or Nikah for Muslim)
  • Certificate of Church certificate (In case of Christian marriage registration)